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ASIA '23 PT. 1

If you asked me to describe Asia's fashion scene in 3 words, I'd probably say, "Timeless, chic & maxi skirts." Seriously, the girls over there know exactly how to rock a pair of chunky sneakers with a maxi skirt.

In June of 2023, my parents and I took to the sky and flew from Salt Lake City, Utah, to the Philippines, China, and Korea for a total of 14 days. We spent a whole week in the Philippines, spending time in Manila, Palawan, and Pampanga. Then, we spent almost an entire week in China, going from Hong Kong to Shenzhen, to Guilin and Xiamen. And for our final hurrah, we spent one day in Seoul, Korea.

For this trip, I fully embraced the simple style (with a hint of Sofia Richie here and there) and relied on my favorite basic pieces. Which included my go-to Skims t-shirts and bodysuits as well as a couple of pair of 'can go with anything' shorts & denim jeans. Except for when we were in Palawan... I'll admit, I've got a bit of a thing for resort wear. A chance to start the day in Hunza G & end it in House of CB? Sign me up! And on that note, here is my Summer (I'm going back in the winter) Asia '23 Look Book.

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